I’m John Edward, a Visual Creative based in Southern California.

I have a passion to create visual concepts that inspire, influence, and teach others. This passion drives me to turn thoughts into fruition and watch those ideas manifest into visual and audio artwork. The thought of taking something that began as a mere idea and turn it into something that I can share with the world excites me.

In addition to the education I’ve pursued to influence my career path, which includes business, marketing, film and photography, I am currently being mentored by Jakob Owens, Music Video Director and YouTuber with over 750,000 subscribers. His videos have been viewed by millions, so the privilege of working with someone of this caliber has not only been an honor, but the beginning of the fulfillment of my career goals.

I have had the recent pleasure of working with many talented local musicians and small business owners to produce music videos, commercials, and even short films.  Each project I take on is a new opportunity for me to continue to pursue excellence in this exciting new and evolving field.

I am currently working as a freelance Director, DP, Editor, and Colorist. Reach out to to connect!